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Featured Products

Each month we will highlight a new collection featured product, with our wide range of products and collections, this rotation of exhibits will showcase our unique artifacts and the work of our craftsmen and women 


Telephone Wire Bowls

These telephone wire bowls are an environmentally friendly and functional piece of handcrafted African art. These bowls are woven by hand using recycled telephone wire and traditional African techniques by men and women from local communities all throughout South Africa. African Attitudes woven wire bowls are available in a wide selection of sizes, colors, styles and designs.

Benin Bronze

This is a wax cast Bennin bronze bangles. These stunning bracelets are found all over West Africa and were used as a form of currency and to provide status to the wearer. African Attitude's bronze bangles from Benin feature a green patina that highlights intricate ornamentation and an iron display stand. You can style your Benin Bronze Bangle atop a stack of coffee table books or placed among a group of picture frames. A standalone piece, these bangles are lovely gift items, especially to a bride-to-be, as historically, bangles were worn on a bride's arm on her wedding day.


Beaded Napkin Ring Holders

The beadwork on the Zulu beadwork napkin holders are made by  local Zulu woman . We have taken a traditional Zulu Beadwork technique and incorporated it into our cutlery range. These are available in nine different colour combinations and a South African flag design.

The wire and bead napkin holders are produced in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. This beaded napkin holders are available in many different designs and colours. 

Chokwe mask

Found amongst the Chokwe of Angola, these masculine masks (Chihongo, meaning 'spirit of wealth') are used to symbolize wealth and power. The masqueraders wearing the mask pay homage to male ancestors believed to be responsible for the prosperity and strength of the community


Chokwe masks are often performed at the celebrations that mark the completion of initiation into adulthood. That occasion also marks the dissolution of the bonds of intimacy between mothers and their sons.The pride and sorrow that event represents for Chokwe women is alluded to by the tear motif.

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